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3 Slices


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Welcome to the thrilling world of 3 Slices! Get ready to control a slice of pizza as it bounces around a series of platforms, collecting coins and unlocking power-ups along the way. This simple yet addictive physics game is perfect for players of all skill levels. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

How to Play

The controls of 3 Slices are easy to grasp. Use the arrow keys to move the pizza left and right, and press the spacebar to jump. If you need a break, simply press “P” to pause the game. Now that you know the controls, it’s time to start the pizza adventure!

Coins and Power-ups

As you navigate the platforms, your goal is to collect as many coins as possible. These coins will earn you points and help you unlock exciting power-ups. Here are some power-ups you can look forward to:

  • Double jump: This power-up allows you to jump twice in a row, giving you an extra boost to reach higher platforms.
  • Magnet: With the magnet power-up, coins are irresistibly drawn to your pizza, making it easier to collect them.
  • Shield: The shield power-up provides a protective barrier around your pizza, keeping it safe from any damage.

Tips for Success

To conquer 3 Slices like a true pro, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Master the art of bouncing: Use the walls strategically to bounce off them and reach higher platforms or avoid obstacles.
  • Watch out for spikes: Spikes are your pizza’s worst enemy. Make sure to steer clear of them to avoid losing a life.
  • Harness the power-ups: Utilize the power-ups wisely to collect more coins and navigate through tricky obstacles.
  • Practice makes perfect: Don’t be discouraged by the challenging later levels. With dedication and practice, you can conquer them all!

Dive into the Action!

3 Slices provides endless entertainment for players seeking a fun and challenging physics game. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, its addictive gameplay and simple controls will keep you engaged for hours on end. Get ready to embark on an epic pizza adventure!

Additional Information

Let’s delve into some extra tidbits about 3 Slices:

  • The game was created by the talented developer “Pixelsaurus.”
  • 3 Slices was released in April 2022, bringing joy to countless gamers worldwide.
  • You can enjoy this thrilling game for free on various websites, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Critics and players rave about 3 Slices, with positive reviews flooding in.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of the action and start playing 3 Slices now! For more exciting games and updates, visit Atari Breakout, your go-to hub for gaming greatness. Let the pizza-fueled adventure begin!